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Paris 'Farce' Sorry Accord [2015]


The Paris Conference (the 21st international attempt to resolve the climate change problem since 1992) delivered exactly what you would predict from stupid humans.

It may have presented as grandstanding on a gigantic scale but the outcome of the conference was to fail to make a competent attempt to averting a pending disaster for humans, as well as an untold number of other species, currently living on this planet.

If it wasn’t significant enough, that coming up to 1 year after the Conference, the Agreement, prescribed by consensus at the Conference, has so far (7 September 2016) been ratified only by 27 out of the 197 countries that attended, out of the 246 nations on the planet, then what about the document itself?

UN Paris [See Ref] The fact that only 27 so far have ratified, is of no consequence, because the document, (An Agreement to do whatever you think yourself, is a good thing for your own self-interest), would surely enthuse all you late punters to pile on your money on as the odds, now have blowen out to 10,000,000 to 1, that we can avert the cataclysmic events of climate change.

What! You don't think I'm right? You don't think this is an accurate portrayal of the Agreement itself? You think that somehow I've mismanaged the facts, missread the document?

Well have a read yourself and see if you do not come to the same conclusion

The document is so clumsily crafted (bearing in mind it's importance you would be entitled to expect its production, would have reflected the sheer brilliance of the best of the best of what humans capability had to offer BUT was obviously crafted by just rank and file members of the species) you would be forgiven for thinking it was an agreement to buy Future options.

Let me give you just one example:

Article 4 of the agreement deals with the timetable for bring a halt to temperature rise, caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions as, as set out in Article 2.

Article 4 proclaims that a halt in temperature rising at or below this prescribed level should (yes that is correct “should” the optional term, it's not mandatory) be achieved, as soon as possible BUT ONLY AFTER taking a lot of other thing into consideration like:

  • human rights;
  • human health rights;
  • indigenous peoples rights;
  • local communities rights;
  • migrants right;
  • children right;
  • persons with disabilities rights;
  • people in vulnerable situations rights;
  • gender equality rights;
  • women empowerment right;
  • intergenerational equity; and
  • right to development your country as you see fit.

A bit wishy-washy - you think!?

It’s not really mandatory that you get out there and achieve this goal you signed up for, you should just give it a try. Dosent even have to be your very best or even your best - just if you feel like it, give it a go! Like there is no real urgency or priority in this matter it's just the destruction of human's current way of life and possibly our extinction along with that of many other species.

But, putting that aside for a minute, it (Article 4) goes on to say that it “will take longer for the developing countries” of the world that are party to this agreement, to achieve this reduction in temperature rise outcome.

What a stupid statement!

The temperature identified in Article 2 is a long term, rolling global average, surface, air temperature. No one nation, country, city, suburb, or person has individual global temperature value, it is a collective outcome.

We are simply one planet and we simply have a long-term planet average surface temperature.

Before anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions it was 13.41°C. The proposal of the Paris conference is to hold it to below 15.41°C.

So what is the profound stupidity?

It is it to say the developed nations will first hold the temperature at an increase of less than 2° and then later on the developing countries you can then hold the increase in (a different?) temperature below 2°.

Can you see why humans have no possible chance of managing successfully this planet's environment?

Like to read a comprehension friendly version of the Paris Agreement

Hers is the orignal if you want to check me